What should I think about when purchasing a smart helmet? 

We recommend selecting a helmet based on the four points below. 

  • Your Budget
  • Light coverage 
  • Design
  • Safety

Is the LITGARD helmet suitable for all uses?

This helmet is intended only for pedal cyclists, as specifi­ed on the label. It is not intended for motorsport, moped, or other similar uses.


Is the LITGARD bicycle helmet CE certified? 

Yes, our LITGARD helmet is CE certified. 

How does a helmet protect me against impact?

The helmet is designed to absorb shock by partial destruction of the shell and liner. Note that this damage may not be visible. Therefore, if subjected to a severe blow, the helmet should be replaced, even if it appears undamaged.

Does a helmet protect me from all types of accidents?

No helmet can protect the wearer against all possible impacts. All accidents are different, and it is not possible to state if a given helmet will provide protection in certain accidents. 


How do I turn on/off the helmet?

To turn on your LITGARD helmet, short-press once on the triangular power-button, located at the rear of the helmet. Four blue lights in the rear will blink once. 

To turn your LITGARD helmet off after use, press and hold the power-button for 0.5 secs. The four blue lights in the rear will blink once before turning off.

How do I pair the remote control with the helmet? 

Step 1: Press and hold the left turn signal button & the brake signal button simultaneously for 3 seconds, it enters into pairing mode when the brake signal is flashing.

Step 2: Quickly press and hold the power button of the helmet for 5 seconds until the helmet tail lights flash blue, then press the left turn signal button on the remote control. Pairing was successful if the helmet tail lights flash green five times.

How do I switch between modes?

To change the working mode, short-press  once on the triangular power-button, located at the rear of the helmet. The helmet’s modes (in sequence) are the following:

Mode 1: Rear red LED-lights.

Mode 2: 360° visibility, white LED-lights in power-saving mode. Brightness: 70%.

Mode 3: 360° visibility, white LED-lights. Brightness: 100%.

How do I signal turns or a hard-brake?

In all three modes, you can use any of the buttons on the wireless remote controller to signal your intended action. Signaling will last 20 secs before the helmet lights return to your chosen default mode. 

How do I recharge the battery?

To recharge your helmet simply connect it to any usb-port using the usb-cable  provided.


How do I select the right size? 

The size depends on the circumference of your head. To determine the size, all you need is a measuring tape. To measure the circumference of your head, place the tape measure about one centimeter above your eyebrows.

Our helmet has a built in rear fitting system which allows you to adjust the size and fit. The medium/large helmet is for a head size of 54-62 cm which gives a perfect fit for most adults. 

How do I adjust the helmet to fit properly?

The helmet must fit properly to be effective. With a proper fit, the helmet will not move back and forth or side to side while fastened. For detailed instructions on how to adjust the helmet to your head, please consult the LITGARD manual. The LITGARD helmet features a quick-release buckle that is simple and can be buckled/unbuckled without changing the prior adjustment.


How should I clean my helmet?

Clean your LITGARD helmet with mild soap and water only, using a soft cloth or sponge. Avoid using any solvents, paints or decals, which can cause damage to the helmet and make it ineffective in the event of an accident. 

How often should I change a helmet?

All helmets have a limited lifespan. A helmet should be replaced when it shows obvious signs of wear. When subjected to a severe blow, the helmet should be replaced, even if it appears undamaged.


What makes this bicycle helmet different? 

The LITGARD helmet is different and unique in many ways. You can read more about the LITGARD helmet here.

How does the LITGARD ventilation system work?

The LITGARD helmet is fitted with 29 ventilation holes. The  multiple  vents  with inner air channels draw the air through the helmet and over the brow for maximum cooling while riding.


How do I return the helmet? 

Please read our return policy.

Does LITGARD offer a warranty?

Please read our warranty information on our help center. 

What is the shipping time?

We aim to ship within 24 hours. Shipping time within Switzerland and Europe is usually 2-3 business days. Shipping time outside of Europe is  1-2 weeks. You will receive your tracking number with your order confirmation to monitor your parcel. 

Do I have to pay customs and duties?

No, the VAT, customs and duties are included in the final price.  

How can I contact LITGARD directly? 

You may contact LITGARD via our contact form. 

Where is LITGARD based? 

LITGARD is based in Zurich Switzerland.