About Us

Your safety is our mission!

LITGARD was founded in Zurich Switzerland with one mission. To manufacture durable helmets with safety in mind. This is our promise, our mission.
LITGARD, is a Swiss leader in high-end sports helmets. Combining innovative technology with state of the art safety, LITGARD aims to be the pioneer in this space. The company was founded in Zurich Switzerland to tackle the number one safety concern of cyclists on the streets once and for all: make car drivers aware of you and your intentions on the street. LITGARD wanted to create a helmet which offers you excellent protection but remains affordable without compromising comfort.
Tailor-made for night riding, innovative technology delivers superior quality and safety features. Compact and lightweight, the design not only delivers long-lasting comfort but also helps you ride safely. Adjustable rear fitting system lets you perfectly adjust the size and thus maximizes stability. LITGARD, where safety meets comfort and style.