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The LITGARD helmet was created to make you feel safe when riding your bicycle in traffic
or in low-visibility conditions. It’s for all of you, that like us, have noticed that when on the street, you need to:

Be Confident

Confidence on the street comes through stability.

Sometimes extending your arm is simply not enough when you are vulnerable. Consider that up to 50% of all road collisions occur at intersections*

LITGARD’s remote controlled signaling functionality allows you to clearly signal your intentions on the street.

Be Seen

To be safe is to be seen.

It’s not always easy to catch the attention of careless drivers on the street. Especially during the night-time, when as a rider you are barely seen from certain angles.

With its fitted LED lights offering 360° visibility, LITGARD makes sure that, day or night, no car driver will miss you again!

Be Respected

Respect is not always a given for bicycle riders on the street.

With impatient or even aggressive drivers on your tail, it's important to be able to signal when you are about to slow down.

LITGARD's brake-signal functionality, allows you to alert those around you, with a press of a button!

Be Lit

LITGARD was created to not only keep you safe but also without compromising on comfort or style.



We wanted to create a helmet which offers you excellent protection but also remains affordable without compromising comfort. Here is how:

Keeps you safe: passed numerous safety tests and is CE certified

Is ultra lightweight: at 290gr you forget you are wearing it

Makes you street-smart: with a signaling functionality and brake lights controlled with a wireless remote you can clearly signal your intentions on the street

Catches attention: with integrated white LED lights, it offers 360° visibility day and night, so no car driver will miss you again!

Offers comfort: The LITGARD rear-fitting system allows you to adjust for the perfect fit, for maximum stability and optimal safety

Endures all weather: LITGARD lets you ride in the dark and in the fog, but it also lets you ride in the rain or snow. The  remote control and helmet is water resistant

Wants you to look and feel great: fitted with 29 ventilation holes you will always keep a cool head.

Doesn’t ask for much: Running on a long-lasting, USB-rechargeable battery, you can take your LITGARD with you for days and recharge anywhere

"If you are looking for safety gear that is both reliable and stylish, this model might be right for you."

- neozone.org

"Weighing in at an impressive 290 grams, the latest iteration of the LITGARD, aptly called the LITGARD 2.0, features a rear fitting system that allows the rider to adjust the helmet for maximum stability, comfort and safety, along with signal functions and brake lights that are controlled via a waterproof, wireless remote control to clearly alert drivers to the rider’s intentions."

- capovelo.com

"Since summer is just around the corner, there’s already a boom in bicycle sales worldwide, and frankly, I do understand the need to go out and feel the breeze after all this time of staying inside. But with that, there are also risks coming into play, and you need some sort of protection. How about a helmet? One that’s remote-controlled and…lit, literally."


The Hands Behind The Helmet

Step Inside The litgard lab

Ihr neuer Fahrradbegleiter

Ihr Helm ist jetzt smart

dieser ist einzigartig

Auf dem neuesten Stand der Technik

Litgard kommt mit erweiterten Funktionen. Darüber hinaus ist Litgard so konzipiert, dass er ultraleicht und dennoch extrem robust ist. Der Helm ist mit eingebauten LED-Lichtern ausgestattet, die es Ihnen ermöglichen, mit Abbiege- und Bremslicht zu blinken. Eine drahtlose Fernbedienung gibt Ihnen die volle Kontrolle über Ihren Helm. 

Unsere Story

Litgard wurde in Zürich, Schweiz mit der Mission gegründet, langlebige Helme mit dem Fokus auf Sicherheit herzustellen. Das ist unser Versprechen.
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